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Property pulse: Mortgage deals surge to a 15-year high – impact on first-time buyers and homeowners unveiled!



Check out the latest buzz in the UK mortgage scene! Mortgage deals are hitting a 15-year high as lenders dive into the new year with rate cuts. Moneyfacts discovered that in July 2023, mortgages typically lasted a mere 12 days on the market before vanishing.

As of the start of January 2024, there’s been a surge in homeowner mortgage products, climbing from 5,694 in December 2023 to 5,899, encompassing various deposit sizes.

This spike marks a return to the numbers seen back in March 2008 when there were 6,192 products available, according to Moneyfacts. And the variety caters to different deposit brackets, from 5% to a hefty 40%.

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First-time buyers eyeing the property ladder often snag these 5% deposit deals. Meanwhile, those with a 10% deposit saw their options increase from 718 to 733, and for those with a substantial 40% deposit, offerings went up from 623 to 682 between December and January.

The lifespan of a mortgage product has extended from 15 to 21 days compared to last year. Major players like Halifax, HSBC UK, First Direct, and TSB have slashed their mortgage rates as a kickoff to the year.

Halifax led the pack by cutting rates by nearly one percentage point, followed by other institutions. Leeds Building Society and HSBC announced substantial cuts, offering attractive fixed rates, while First Direct also joined the fray with rates below 4%.

TSB also rolled out reductions, particularly for first-time buyers and home-mover products. And there’s more to come! The Co-op Bank is anticipated to slash mortgage rates by up to 1.26 percentage points, unveiling a promising two-year fixed-rate deal at 3.85% for existing customers.

This downward trend in rates is fantastic news for potential buyers or those aiming to remortgage, opening up a wealth of choices. Rachel Springall from Moneyfacts highlights this surge in product options, emphasising the significant increase in residential mortgages from the previous month, setting the stage for a favourable refinancing environment.

The rate cuts owe their existence to falling swap rates, dictating mortgage pricing for lenders, prompting these encouraging reductions. However, some experts caution that this trend might not sustain indefinitely, warning of potential rate hikes down the line.

Looking ahead, analysts predict further drops in mortgage rates, possibly reaching their lowest point since September 2022. As the market navigates the Bank of England’s ongoing rate adjustments, many foresee a potential decrease, presenting a glimmer of hope for borrowers.

To secure the best mortgage deal, deposit size matters, as larger deposits often unlock better rates. Improving your credit score or income can also enhance access to favourable rates. And keeping an eye on the fixed-rate term end can save you from potentially higher rates after multiple Bank rate rises. If considering a switch, weigh the exit fees against potential savings before making a move.

Utilising mortgage comparison tools or seeking advice from a broker can guide you towards the most suitable deal. Bear in mind the associated fees and eligibility criteria while exploring options. With several changes in the air for 2024, including interest rates and financial adjustments, staying informed remains key for mortgage holders across the UK.


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