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Tag: Money

Cryptocurrency prices plummet in response to Middle East tensions

Bitcoin and other digital currencies experience sharp declines amid escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

First-time buyer schemes: Five ways to get on the UK property ladder

Owning a home has long been a hallmark of financial stability and security. However, for many first-time buyers in the UK, getting onto the...

Bitcoin visionary’s wealth soars: The 2013 $1 investment advice

Davinci Jeremie's early call on Bitcoin turns him into a cryptocurrency magnate, living a life many only dream of

Disney Faces $134M Loss on ‘Indiana Jones 5’ due to soaring production costs

The fifth instalment of the 'Indiana Jones' series underperforms financially, with de-ageing technology significantly contributing to budget overruns

Thames Water faces 40% bill hike as shareholders withdraw £500m lifeline

Concerns of government intervention rise as investors refuse funding

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