Saturday, July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024


Coventry Building Society acquires co-op bank for £780M, returning it to mutual structure

Coventry building society completes the acquisition of co-op bank, transitioning it back to a mutual structure.


Cryptocurrency prices plummet in response to Middle East tensions

Bitcoin and other digital currencies experience sharp declines amid escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Real Estate

First-time buyer schemes: Five ways to get on the UK property ladder

Owning a home has long been a hallmark of financial stability and security. However, for many first-time buyers in the UK, getting onto the...


El Salvador’s bitcoin holdings reach $353 million as it adds 5,750 BTC to its treasury

Amidst international scrutiny, El Salvador expands its Bitcoin investment, reinforcing its pioneering role in cryptocurrency adoption


Exploring digital marketing: Definition, types, and effective strategies for 2024

As digital landscapes evolve, understanding digital marketing fundamentals, types, and best practices becomes crucial for business success.