Monday, July 15, 2024
Monday July 15, 2024
Monday July 15, 2024


Labour’s Starmer seizes moment to strengthen UK-EU ties post-Brexit

Prime Minister Keir Starmer receives strong backing from President Biden for a renewed focus on enhancing UK-EU relations during his first official meeting

World News

Elon Musk’s major donation to Trump campaign shakes up 2024 election landscape

Musk’s financial backing signals a shift in political allegiance as Trump outpaces Biden in fundraising efforts


Prince Harry honoured amid controversy and hopes for Kate Middleton’s Wimbledon return

Prince Harry to receive the Pat Tillman Award in Los Angeles while Wimbledon officials anticipate Kate Middleton's potential appearance

Real Life

Secret police tapes reveal Greg Lynn and wife discussing the missing campers’ investigation

Supreme Court jury hears recorded conversations of accused killer Greg Lynn and wife about Russell Hill and Carol Clay's disappearance


Discovery of world’s oldest forest unveils prehistoric wonders

UK scientists uncover fossilized forest unlike any seen today, dating back over 358 million years


Eco-friendly commuting: The path to healthier, cleaner cities

Urban centres adopt green transportation options, promoting sustainability and offering health and economic benefits


When will warmer weather arrive?

Chilly conditions to persist, but hints of warmer weather in may


Cloning success: Three black-footed ferrets created to boost endangered species conservation

New advancements in cloning technology are playing a pivotal role in preserving the genetic diversity of the endangered black-footed ferret.


Greenland sharks may unlock anti-ageing secrets for humans

Research suggests Greenland sharks' unique longevity and metabolic enzymes could revolutionize anti-ageing treatments


Sunak’s immigration bill to trap over 100,000 asylum seekers, analysis shows

Refugee Council report warns of "system meltdown" and billions in costs amid Rwanda scheme