Monday, May 27, 2024
Monday May 27, 2024
Monday May 27, 2024

Economy takes centre stage as prominent Tory MPs quit ahead of general election

With michael gove and andrea leadsom stepping down, party leaders shift focus to the cost-of-living crisis on the third day of campaigning


President Ramaphosa signs National Council on GBV and femicide bill and NPA Amendment bill into law

Women, youth, and people with disabilities minister nkosazana dlamini-zuma hails the historic milestone as long-awaited legislation comes into effect.


King Charles embraces controversial past: Accepts patronage from infamous school featured in ‘The Crown’

King Charles accepts patronage from Gordonstoun, the school portrayed harshly in 'The Crown', sparking intrigue and reflection on his upbringing


‘Emily in Paris’ season 5 role auctioned at Cannes, but Netflix denies renewal

Confusion arises as Netflix denies greenlighting 'Emily in Paris' season 5 despite a €250,000 auction for a walk-on role at Cannes


Lawrence Okolie clinches WBC Bridgerweight world title with devastating first-round knockout

Returning to the ring after his defeat, Lawrence Okolie secures the WBC Bridgerweight world title in spectacular fashion


Elon Musk urges public to disable Windows 11’s intrusive feature

Tesla CEO Elon Musk raises alarm over Windows 11's AI-powered recall feature, citing privacy concerns


Coventry Building Society acquires co-op bank for £780M, returning it to mutual structure

Coventry building society completes the acquisition of co-op bank, transitioning it back to a mutual structure.


Doctor warns against daily paracetamol use: Raises concerns over long-term health effects

As one in eight Brits is dependent on paracetamol, experts caution against exceeding the recommended dosage due to potentially harmful side effects

Tuesday Talks

Q. How would you respond if someone confessed, “You are the reason I seek therapy”?

If this is not meant as an insult, then, firstly, stay calm at that moment and thank them for sharing it with you. Then, very politely, ask them what specifically led them to feel this way. This confession about why someone has been seeking

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