Monday, June 24, 2024
Monday June 24, 2024
Monday June 24, 2024

Conservative party struggle in fundraising as labour surges ahead

Conservative party faces significant funding shortfall amid electoral challenges, while labour receives substantial donations.


Dutton’s nuclear energy proposal sparks nationwide debate

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton's nuclear energy strategy faces criticism for its high costs and feasibility issues, igniting a political and environmental firestorm


King Charles laughs off horse disappointment at Ascot as glamorous ladies’ day brightens spirits

Despite their horse's underwhelming performance, King Charles and Queen Camilla enjoy a festive royal ascot adorned with celebrity glamour and vibrant outfits


Justin Timberlake arrested for DUI in Hamptons, fans react to Jessica Biel’s heartbreaking Instagram post

Justin Timberlake was arrested in Sag Harbor, NY, for driving under the influence following a dinner with friends


Max Verstappen tests Red Bull’s 2022 F1 car to address handling issues

Max Verstappen undertakes a critical test session at Imola with Red Bull's older model to refine current car performance


Android users are urged to install critical Google updates immediately

Millions of Android users are at risk due to critical vulnerabilities patched in the latest Google update, emphasizing the need for prompt action


Tesla challenges $5.6 billion legal fee over voided Musk pay package

Tesla argues that the legal team responsible for voiding Elon Musk's pay package should receive a fraction of the requested fee due to minimal benefit to the company


Shein’s meteoric rise: From startup to fashion powerhouse

How Shein became a global fast fashion giant, overcoming controversies and reshaping the industry

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Q: I want to experience the feeling of being changed by a book, that inspires, in a way that the person I was before...

Ans: Books touch our hearts in a way that nothing in the world can. They leave an imprint on our hearts forever. They inspire us, mold us, transform us and make us feel whole again...

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