Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Wednesday April 17, 2024
Wednesday April 17, 2024

Israeli cabinet continues deliberations amid international calls for restraint following Iranian attack

As tensions in the Middle East escalate, world leaders urge a measured response to avoid further conflict


Emergency declared in Balochistan amid severe urban flooding

Continuous heavy rains triggered widespread flooding across 25 districts, leading to an official emergency declaration and intensified rescue efforts


Meghan Markle warns Prince Harry against royal reconciliation

Meghan Markle expresses concerns over Prince Harry's plans to reconcile with Prince William and Kate Middleton amidst family tensions


Dune: Part Two is now available for home viewing following global box office success

After grossing nearly $700 million worldwide, Dune: Part Two is released for home viewing, thrilling fans with convenience and additional special features


Andy Murray forgoes surgery on ankle, uncertain return date announced

Amidst recovery from a serious ankle injury at the Miami Open, Andy Murray opts out of surgery, yet his return to competitive tennis remains unspecified


What is Earth Day: An in-depth Overview 

Earth Day is a global event observed annually on April 22, dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and protection


Cryptocurrency prices plummet in response to Middle East tensions

Bitcoin and other digital currencies experience sharp declines amid escalating conflicts in the Middle East.


Domino’s Pizza struggles with a turnaround in France and Japan, market reacts sceptically

As Domino's Pizza Enterprises seeks to revitalize its French and Japanese markets, scepticism arises due to perceived transparency issues

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