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Financial turmoil at 777 Partners threatens Everton takeover deal



Uncertainty looms as 777 Partners seek financial restructuring amidst ongoing fraud accusations and operational challenges

777 Partners, the Miami-based investment firm, is facing increasing scrutiny and financial distress as their bid to acquire a significant stake in Everton Football Club encounters multiple hurdles. The firm, which had previously agreed to purchase 94% of Everton’s shares from majority owner Farhad Moshiri, is now grappling with accusations of fraud and operational difficulties across various sectors of its business.

In recent developments, 777 Partners has enlisted the expertise of B Riley Financial, a Los Angeles-based advisory firm, to assist in restructuring their financial operations. This move follows a tumultuous period marked by allegations of fraudulent practices and financial instability, casting doubts on the firm’s capacity to finalize the Everton takeover. The appointment of financial consultants aims to stabilize 777’s business operations and chart a profitable course forward for their investments.

This week, Farhad Moshiri held discussions with representatives from 777 to seek clarity on their financial standing and their ability to settle a substantial £158 million loan with MSP Sports Capital. These talks come at a critical time as the deadline to complete the takeover approaches, with Everton’s future hanging in the balance.

The situation took a more concerning turn last Friday when 777 Partners and its co-owner, Josh Wander, were implicated in a civil lawsuit alleging involvement in a fraudulent scheme. This legal challenge adds to the firm’s woes, which also include a recent incident involving the voluntary administration of an airline they own, affecting thousands of passengers in Australia.

In the realm of sports, the firm’s ownership troubles extend to Standard Liege, a Belgian football club, where players have reportedly not received their wages for April. The financial instability has sparked protests from fans, leading to the postponement of a league game after supporters blocked the team bus.

Everton’s management, including manager Sean Dyche and director of football Kevin Thelwell, have expressed concerns over the uncertainty clouding the club’s operational planning for the upcoming season. With potential player sales on the horizon, the club’s leadership is calling for patience from fans as they navigate through these challenging times.


The struggles faced by 777 Partners underscore a broader issue within the football world, where financial instability can severely impact the operational and competitive aspects of clubs. From a sociological perspective, the Everton situation reveals the deep emotional and communal ties fans have with their clubs, which are often seen as more than just sports teams but as integral parts of local identity and culture.

Economically, the potential fallout from a failed takeover could have significant ramifications for Everton, affecting the club’s market value, player transactions, and overall financial health. Politically, the ordeal may prompt regulatory scrutiny of investment practices in sports, potentially leading to more stringent financial controls and ownership vetting processes.

The local impact on the community and the club’s fanbase is profound, stirring sentiments of uncertainty and distrust among supporters. The global perspective also highlights the vulnerabilities of sports entities to international financial turbulences and the intricate web of investments spanning multiple industries and regions.


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