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Mum on universal credit transforms fortune with million-pound bingo wins



Anita Campbell’s life takes a dramatic turn after winning over £1 million in two bingo jackpots

In a remarkable twist of fate, Anita Campbell, a mother-of-four from Seaham, County Durham, went from struggling on benefits to becoming a millionaire after securing two consecutive bingo wins, each exceeding £500,000. Anita, who had been on Universal Credit due to ill health, has now reshaped her life, paying off debts, buying a new home for her elderly father, and providing for her children

Anita’s incredible journey began in 2019 when she won £597,000 just hours after joining an online bingo game. To everyone’s surprise, she repeated this astonishing feat just ten days later, bagging another £522,000. The windfall allowed Anita to indulge her children with shopping sprees, purchase toys for her five-year-old grandson, and move into a new property.

Speaking about her financial struggles while on Universal Credit, Anita shared, “It’s been more than a year, and it has been very hard. I’ve lost weight, I’ve not been able to eat properly, which has had an effect on my diabetes.” The newfound wealth has enabled Anita to alleviate these challenges and fulfill her dreams of providing a better life for her family.

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In addition to treating her loved ones, Anita generously paid off debts stemming from her mother’s funeral a year earlier. The life-changing wins have brought joy and relief to Anita, allowing her to overcome the hardships she faced while on benefits.

Her story echoes tales of unexpected turns of fortune, proving that luck can shine even in the most challenging circumstances. Anita’s journey from financial struggle to newfound wealth stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and the transformative power of unexpected windfalls.


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