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75 soft challenge: Insider’s tell-all on riding the viral wellness wave!



The 75 Soft Challenge – Is it the real deal for a sustainable glow-up?

Hey fitness fiends! At Women’s Health, we’re all about embracing challenges that rev up the wellness game. From the infamous 12-3-30 to the daunting 75 Hard Challenge, we’ve seen it all.

Now, let’s spill the tea on the 75 Soft Challenge, the softer side of the fitness frenzy that’s making waves. Tired of the extreme? This might just be your vibe.

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What’s the 75 Soft Challenge All About?

Get this: it’s like the chill cousin of the viral 75 Hard Challenge. No kidding! Here’s the lowdown:

✓ Eat clean and sip on drinks only during social hangouts.

✓ Sweat it out for 45 minutes daily for 75 days, with one workout as active recovery each week.

✓ Guzzle down three litres of water a day.

✓ Dive into ten pages of any book daily.

Comparison Alert: 75 Soft vs. 75 Hard

Let’s weigh in on the showdown between the two viral challenges.

The 75 Hard? As the name suggests, it’s brutal. While 75 Soft kinda vibes with our everyday routine, the Hard version demands a major overhaul.

The Hard Rules? Brace yourselves:

✓ Stick to a strict diet sans alcohol or ‘cheat meals’.

✓ Two 45-minute workouts daily, one outdoors.

✓ Guzzle 4.5 litres of water daily.

✓ Read ten pages of self-help books daily.

✓ Click a daily progress pic.

Heads up: One slip-up in Hard means starting from scratch, while Soft gives you room to rebound.

Benefits & Risks Unveiled

Here’s the scoop on what went down when we took on the Soft Challenge:

Upsides: For me, it was a game-changer for getting back on track without going overboard. While my routine wasn’t a total wreck, the Soft Challenge whipped it into shape. No strict diet or double workouts needed—phew!

Downsides: Experts like Lucie Cowan and Jess Hillard flagged concerns. Safety, sustainability, and customization are key. Plus, Hillard spilled the tea on water intake—hint: it varies!

Expert Insight & Verdict

Jess Hillard’s take? She’d pick Soft over Hard any day. “Balanced, nutritious diet rules,” she says. Hardcore restrictions? Not her jam.

Lucie Cowan warns of the risks in the Hard Challenge: injuries, mental strain, and a one-size-fits-all approach.

Lessons Learned: My 75 Soft Journey

  1. Sweaty isn’t always the secret sauce for results.
  2. Small habits trump total routine revamps.
  3. Buddying up adds an accountability punch.
  4. Reading does wonders for the mind.
  5. Planning is the MVP for sticking to goals.

Does It Work?

If you’re up for a structured shift sans the intense sweat storm, 75 Soft is your ticket. It’s not just a fad—it’s about the long-term wellness game.


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