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The 8 most common beginner questions trainers get asked about fitness, answered

Expert advice from certified trainers to help you navigate the basics of starting your fitness journey, choosing gear, and setting realistic goals

Best health habits you can start practising today! (23 habits which lead to a healthy lifestyle)

Embarking on a healthier lifestyle doesn't require drastic transformations.

Planet fitness faces $400 million stock plunge amid locker room controversy

Gym chain under fire for banning member after complaints about transgender woman in female locker room

Arnold’s Workout Guide 2024, Get Back in Shape, Part 1: The philosophy of fitness according to Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Get Back in Shape, Arnold Workout Guide 2024 transcends being a mere exercise manual.

Gym boss drops the hammer on influencers: Strict new rules to shake up fitness scene

Australian gym owner takes a swipe at social media stars, bans a familiar tool

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