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YouTuber stunned as WeBuyAnyCar offers mere fraction for £3.9 million car collection



Wendy’s employee sparks outrage by revealing behind-the-scenes faux pas

In a jaw-dropping revelation, YouTuber Mark McCann, owner of a £3.9 million super-rare car collection, decided to test WeBuyAnyCar’s valuation prowess. The outcome left him astounded and his audience in disbelief.

McCann initially sought an independent valuation from expert Tom Hartley, who appraised the six-vehicle collection at an impressive £1,380,000. However, when McCann took his prized cars to WeBuyAnyCar, the experience took an unexpected turn.

Encountering various issues, McCann’s attempt to have his collection assessed was met with hesitation from WeBuyAnyCar staff. Allegedly ‘spooked’ by the high-end collection, they requested that the cars be taken to different stores separately.

Undeterred, McCann took matters into his own hands, donning disguises and employing a hidden cameraman to capture the undercover valuation process. The results, however, were shocking.

WeBuyAnyCar valued one of McCann’s cars marked as ‘grade three’ at £35,647 due to minor scratches, a stark contrast to Hartley’s £150,000 evaluation. Another vehicle received a mere £17,000 valuation, compared to Hartley’s £140,000. The total collection, valued at £1,380,000 by Hartley, received a significantly lower offer of £823,910 from WeBuyAnyCar.

Mark McCann, known for owning some of the finest high-end cars in the US, expressed his surprise, saying, “WeBuyAnyCar aren’t known for giving the best prices, which we found out.” He criticized the system, suggesting it might be suitable for regular cars but falls short for rare supercars.

The viral video, which showcased the stark difference in valuations, triggered a wave of reactions from viewers. Many expressed shock at the substantial drop in value from the independent expert’s appraisal.

WeBuyAnyCar declined to provide a comment when contacted about the situation, leaving viewers and car enthusiasts questioning the transparency and fairness of the valuation process.


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