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Tag: Real Life

Rare white buffalo calf born in Yellowstone Park, fulfilling ancient prophecy

Birth signals hope and warning for the Lakota, emphasizing the need for environmental protection

TV doctor’s final moments unveiled: BBC set to air the last interview

New cctv footage emerges, shedding light on dr. Michael mosley's movements just before his tragic demise on a greek island

Man dies after horrific stabbing attack in London

21-year-old Robert Robinson was fatally stabbed in Deptford; two men were arrested on suspicion of murder

Shocking moment: Giraffe lifts toddler into the air at Texas Wildlife Park

A family's visit to fossil rim wildlife center turns into a heart-stopping encounter as a giraffe picks up their toddler from the back of their truck

Secret police tapes reveal Greg Lynn and wife discussing the missing campers’ investigation

Supreme Court jury hears recorded conversations of accused killer Greg Lynn and wife about Russell Hill and Carol Clay's disappearance

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