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Monday June 24, 2024
Monday June 24, 2024

London mayoral election sees dip in voter turnout to 40.5%



As London elects announces verification of votes, turnout falls slightly from previous years in the capital’s mayoral race

The voter turnout for the 2024 London mayoral election has registered at 40.5%, marking a slight decrease from the 42% recorded in the 2021 elections, according to London Elects. This year’s turnout reflects a continuing trend of fluctuating voter engagement in the city’s political process.

On Thursday, Londoners went to the polls to choose from 13 candidates, including incumbents and newcomers, vying for the influential position of London mayor. Notable candidates included Labour’s Sadiq Khan, Conservative Susan Hall, Green Party’s Zoe Garbett, and Liberal Democrat Rob Blackie.

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The process of vote verification took place on Friday, setting the stage for the counting of votes on Saturday. This meticulous process ensures the integrity and accuracy of the electoral proceedings.

The election also included votes for the London Assembly, crucial in the governance of the city alongside the mayor. The assembly members, both constituency and London-wide, play a critical role in examining the mayor’s activities and decisions, providing a check on executive power.

Turnout varied across the city’s constituencies, with the highest engagement recorded in Bexley and Bromley at 48.38% and the lowest in City and East at 31.17%. Such disparities highlight the diverse levels of political engagement across the capital.

Historical data shows a pattern of inconsistent voter turnout in London’s mayoral elections, with figures oscillating since the first election in 2000, which had a turnout of 34%. The turnout reached its peak in 2016 at 46% before experiencing slight declines in subsequent elections.

This election’s turnout is particularly notable given the array of critical issues facing the city, from housing and transportation to public safety and environmental challenges. These are pivotal areas that the next mayor will need to address amidst the pressures of a post-pandemic recovery and ongoing economic uncertainties


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