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Wednesday May 22, 2024
Wednesday May 22, 2024

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Northern lights could grace UK skies again this week

Following last week's stunning display, another eruption of the sun may bring aurora borealis to Britain

London mayoral election sees dip in voter turnout to 40.5%

As London elects announces verification of votes, turnout falls slightly from previous years in the capital's mayoral race

Tories face major setbacks in local elections, await key mayoral results

Rishi Sunak confronts a disappointing outcome in local councils, with eyes now on London and West Midlands mayoral races

Clashes in Peckham as police detain 45 during asylum seeker transfer protest

Demonstrators in Peckham face police action while protesting against the transfer of asylum seekers to a new location, resulting in multiple arrests

Tragic sword attack in Hainault, London, claims life of 14-year-old

A devastating incident unfolded in Hainault, London, resulting in the death of a young boy and injuries to four others, including two police officers

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