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Two military horses injured and underwent surgery after bolting through London

The horses, spooked by construction noise, escaped during a routine drill, leading to chaos and injuries during London's rush hour

Horses from Household Cavalry cause chaos in central London, soldier injured

Loose horses roam streets, prompting emergency response and soldier's injury

Durban man stranded in Dubai en route to FA Cup semi-final amid devastating floods

Unprecedented flooding in Dubai delays flights, leaving a Durban native uncertain of attending a pivotal football match in London

Idris Elba teases potential for a second ‘Luther’ film on Netflix

Following the success of 'Luther: The Fallen Sun,' Idris Elba hints at promising developments for a sequel, aspiring to establish a franchise akin to James Bond

Iranian diplomat accuses Netanyahu of inciting widespread conflict

Iran's top envoy in London claims Netanyahu's actions aim to draw the West into a major Middle Eastern War

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