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Tornado terror: British town shattered, residents forced to flee for safety



Pints, lucky breaks, and pure carnage – Stalybridge faces the aftermath of a fierce twister

Residents of Stalybridge, Tameside, were caught in a whirlwind of chaos as a localised tornado wreaked havoc, leaving houses in a state of “absolute disaster.” In a bizarre twist, one man claims a pint may have saved his life.

A major incident unfolded in the picturesque town of Stalybridge as a “localised tornado” tore through the area, causing extensive damage to approximately 100 properties. The aftermath of the twister, a result of strong gusts from Storm Gerrit, has left residents in shock and forced many to evacuate their homes.

Local resident Andy Turner described the harrowing experience, stating that the tornado lasted for about 15 seconds, leaving a trail of destruction. “At 11.30pm last night, there was – all I can describe – is a hurricane came through. It lasted for about 15 seconds. Cars were parked outside the house. My wife’s car is a write-off. My car took a bit of the brunt of the tree. It’s just lucky that nobody was hurt. It was pure carnage.”

In an unexpected turn of events, Euan Walsh, 21, who was at Wetherspoons when the tornado struck, claimed that a pint may have saved his life. “The windows from the Bistro next to it came in. I just finished work and I was going to walk home when I decided to go to the pub – so a pint saved my life possibly!”

The town, known for its tranquil setting, witnessed scenes of chaos as roads were blocked, pavements torn up, and debris scattered across the streets. Matthew Marsland, a resident on Hough Hill Road, described the incident as a “crazy noise” that lasted about thirty seconds, leaving his neighbor’s roof destroyed.

Residents like Lyndsey Moody credited her son’s love of gaming for saving his life when the chimney collapsed onto his bed. “We were lucky that no one was killed. The chimney took out an internal wall and my son’s bedroom. If he hadn’t been on his computer chair with wheels it probably would have killed him.”

As the community grapples with the aftermath, insurers have assured affected individuals and businesses that support will be available. Malcolm Tarling, a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers (ABI), emphasized that insurers are ready to help those affected by the tornado-force winds.

Chief Superintendent Mark Dexter from Greater Manchester Police advised residents not to return to or enter properties with significant damage until assessed by structural engineers. He also urged the public to exercise caution in the affected areas due to debris in the road.


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