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Super Bowl 58: A look at the best and most viral Super Bowl commercials of 2024



Super Bowl 58 showcased an unforgettable match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It solidified its place as the top event for advertisers. It drew a worldwide audience, giving brands a prime chance to feature their products in sought-after ad spots. The Super Bowl maintained its $7 million cost for a 30-second ad spot for the second year, confirming its unmatched role in consumer outreach.

Disney CEO Bob Iger perfectly captured the essence of the Super Bowl’s appeal to advertisers, describing sports, especially this flagship event, as a veritable paradise for marketing efforts. Its unmatched ability to draw in viewers makes it the most effective venue for brand exposure on a massive scale.

Super Bowl 58’s ads showcased the event’s allure, featuring big names like Oreos, Pringles, Mountain Dew, Doritos, and M&Ms. Celebrities such as Christopher Walken, Ben Affleck, Beyoncé, Quinta Brunson, Jenna Ortega, Kate McKinnon, and Jennifer Aniston also starred, maximizing the Super Bowl’s wide audience appeal.

Let’s look at some of the best and most viral commercials that aired during Super Bowl 58, 2024:

1. Verizon features Beyoncé in an internet-breaking attempt

In a Verizon commercial, Beyoncé, a 32-time Grammy winner, attempts to “break the internet” with a sequence of shocking announcements. However, she can’t overwhelm Verizon’s internet. The ad ends with Beyoncé ordering, “Drop the new music,” igniting rumours on social media platform X about her possible new releases.

2. Uber Eats reminds us that it delivers more than just food

Uber Eats’ Super Bowl ad, plays on the concept that remembering Uber Eats delivers almost anything comes at the cost of forgetting something else. Jennifer Aniston forgets her close friend and “Friends” co-star David Schwimmer. The ad also shows celebrities and regular people forgetting important things. Victoria and David Beckham forget the name of Victoria’s ’90s girl group. Jason “Jelly Roll” DeFord overlooks his face tattoos, and Usher fails to recall he’s the Super Bowl Halftime show performer. Additionally, a controversial joke about a man forgetting his peanut allergy was cut from the ad.

3. Dunkin’ ad stars Ben Affleck and ‘The DunKings’

Ben Affleck, aiming to become a pop star, continues his journey in Dunkin’s Super Bowl commercial after a teaser in this year’s Grammys advertisement. He enlists Matt Damon and Tom Brady to join his boy band, “The DunKings.”

4. E-Trade unveils the Picklebabies campaign

E-Trade’s Super Bowl commercial features trash-talking babies as the main attraction. It draws a comparison between the rapidly expanding sport of pickleball and the intimidating realm of securities trading by showing two babies competing in doubles against two competitive, large adults.

5. BMW advocates electric vehicles with ‘Talkin’ Like Walken’

In BMW’s Super Bowl ad for its new all-electric i5 sedan, titled “Talkin’ Like Walken,” famed actor Christopher Walken experiences a twist with his iconic voice. The ad begins with Walken engaging in a serious conversation about the first BMW 5 Series EV with a valet attendant. As lighter-hearted music plays, everyone he meets starts to mimic his distinctive, dramatic voice and speech rhythm.

San Francisco-based Goodby Silverstein & Partners, BMW’s lead U.S. creative agency, crafted the advertisement, which also highlights a cameo appearance by singer and Super Bowl halftime show performer Usher.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a helpful neighbour in the State Farm ad

State Farm’s Super Bowl ad features Arnold Schwarzenegger as “agent State Farm. He is an action hero saving puppies and pregnant women from fires. The commercial mixes humour and a meta-narrative, showing Schwarzenegger’s performance being interrupted by a director. This director corrects his pronunciation of “neighbour” from “bah” to “bur.” The humour continues as Schwarzenegger, in his Austrian accent, playfully mispronounces words rhyming with a neighbour, adding his iconic vocal style to the ad.

7. Tina Fey employs stunt doubles for Booking.com adventures

Booking.com’s Super Bowl commercial, with the tagline “Book whoever you want to be,” stars Tina Fey. In the ad, Fey reveals the vast array of choices available on the travel website, mentioning she’s enlisted body doubles to enjoy all the possibilities.

The commercial is enhanced by appearances from “30 Rock” alumni Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski, alongside the award-winning actress Glenn Close, adding star power and humour to the message.

8. Kate McKinnon and Hellmann’s Mayo Cat tackle food waste

Kate McKinnon stars in Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad with Mayo Cat. The ad runs for 60 seconds. It tackles food waste. Mayo Cat, a cat named Chipmunk, meows like “mayo.” Chris Symmes from Unilever highlights the ad’s goals. It aims to entertain and fight food waste. The Super Bowl’s timing, a day of high food waste in the U.S., is key. The ad encourages smart food use.

9. Dan Levy and Lil Wayne Assist with Homework for Homes.com:

Dan Levy takes the spotlight in a Homes.com commercial, portraying a character who inherits the company from his great-uncle. Facing a sceptical boardroom, Levy alleviates their doubts by showing a video where he demonstrates doing “the homework” needed to lead the company and assist customers in their home searches. The commercial features Lil Wayne contributing expertise on local schools. It concludes with Jeff Goldblum’s endorsement, adding a blend of humour and celebrity appeal to the message about home finding.

10.  Patrick Stewart kicks a cartoon football in a fun Paramount+ ad with Creed’s music

In Paramount+’s Super Bowl advertisement, Patrick Stewart, famous as Captain Picard, humorously kicks a football-shaped cartoon head, belonging to Arnold from “Hey Arnold!,” against a mountain backdrop. The exciting moment is enhanced by the rock band Creed’s song “Higher.”

11. Jennifer Hudson and Common star in T-Mobile’s celebrity-filled Super Bowl ad

Jennifer Hudson and Common, along with Laura Dern and Bradley Cooper, bring star power to T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial. The ad, filled with humour and music, includes a playful take on “Flashdance… What a Feeling” with additional cameos from Jason Momoa and a “Scrubs” reunion.

12. Cardi B promotes NYX Lip Plumper in Super Bowl ad with a twist

NYX Cosmetics’ Super Bowl ad features Cardi B for their new lip plumper in the “Duck Face” campaign. Instead of showing the entire commercial on TV, they used a QR code to direct viewers to the full ad online, focusing on the product’s promise to make lips bigger.


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