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Secrets and fortunes: Corinna Schumacher’s silent battle for Michael’s legacy



As the 10th anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s tragic skiing accident looms, Corinna Schumacher shields the f1 icon’s £500 million empire

In the countdown to the tenth anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s fateful skiing accident, his wife, Corinna Schumacher, remains a steadfast guardian of his privacy, keeping the world in the dark about the F1 legend’s health for a decade.

The Schumacher power couple, united during Michael’s second world championship-winning season in 1995, shares a 26-year-old daughter, Gina-Maria, and a 24-year-old son, Mick. Beyond being the backbone of the family, Corinna is the silent force managing Michael’s £500 million fortune.

Despite a team of financial and tax advisors, it’s Corinna’s voice that prevails. The couple routinely makes decisions together, holding meetings with a select group of advisors three to four times a year to strategize on real estate investments and sales, shaping the destiny of the Schumacher empire.

Reports suggest that Corinna, 54, has streamlined the £500 million business empire, parting with prized assets like private jets and a Norwegian house, as the family retreats to their secluded abode on Lake Geneva’s shores. Last year, they acquired a sprawling 584,642 sq ft plot in Majorca, Spain, for £2.4 million.

But Corinna’s role goes beyond financial stewardship; she’s also a reigning expert in the world of equestrian sports. As the owner of CS ranches in Switzerland and America, she’s earned over £1.5 million in prize money with her horses in reining. Gina-Maria, at just 26, has already entered the exclusive One Million Dollar Club, boasting prize money exceeding £1 million.

The turning point in the Schumacher family’s life occurred in December 2013, when Michael suffered a severe head injury while skiing with Mick, just a year after retiring from F1. Corinna has since devoted herself to the care of Michael and their children, Mick and Gina-Maria.

Close friends claim to have been barred from seeing the F1 legend, with a meticulously managed PR operation and legal team ensuring scant details about his condition are shared with the public. The tight-knit inner circle, with Corinna at its core, guards Michael’s privacy fiercely.

Corinna’s efforts extend to converting parts of their homes into state-of-the-art hospitals, reportedly spending £115,000 a week for a team of 15 medics to provide round-the-clock care. In a rare interview in 2019, Corinna revealed that the news blackout is at Michael’s behest, respecting his wish to keep his health a secret.

Despite legal battles to maintain privacy, including hiding ghastly photos allegedly taken without consent, the Schumacher family remains resolute in their commitment to Michael’s wishes.

As the world speculates about Michael Schumacher’s condition, Corinna remains the steadfast guardian of his legacy, navigating the complexities of a £500 million empire and a life that has been veiled in secrecy for a decade 


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