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Former F1 manager abandons hope for Michael Schumacher’s recovery



Ex-manager Willi Weber grieves over lost chance to visit F1 Legend

As the world marks nearly a decade since Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher’s life-altering skiing accident in the French Alps, his former manager, Willi Weber, has expressed despair over the bleak prospects of Schumacher’s recovery. Schumacher, a seven-time world champion, suffered severe injuries in 2013, leading to his withdrawal from the sport

Weber, who managed Schumacher during his illustrious career, admitted to the Cologne Express that he has given up hope of ever seeing his old friend again. Reflecting on the past decade, Weber revealed, “When I think of Michael now, unfortunately, I don’t have any more hope that I will see him again. No positive news after 10 years.”

Weber also acknowledged a regrettable incident during Schumacher’s recovery period, stating, “Of course, I regret that very much and blame myself. I should have visited Michael in the hospital. I mourned like a dog after his accident. It hit me incredibly hard, you can imagine that. But at some point, the point came when I had to free myself from Michael and let go.”

The exact details of Schumacher’s current condition have been closely guarded by his family, with only a small circle of trusted individuals privy to the information. Among those excluded from this circle is Weber, who expressed remorse for not visiting Schumacher during his hospitalization.

Despite the somber sentiments, Jean Todt, former FIA president and a close friend of Schumacher, has the privilege of sharing moments with the racing legend. Todt, in a recent interview with L’Equipe, mentioned that Schumacher is no longer the person he used to be and emphasized the supportive role played by Schumacher’s wife and children in guiding him through his altered life.

Todt remarked, “[Schumacher] is simply not the Michael he used to be. He is different and is wonderfully guided by his wife and children who protect him. His life is different now, and I have the privilege of sharing moments with him.”


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