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Rian Johnson confirms the title of next Knives Out film: “Wake Up Dead Man”



Daniel Craig returns as Benoit Blanc in the highly anticipated third instalment of the Knives Out series

Excitement is brewing in the Knives Out universe as writer and director Rian Johnson took to social media to unveil the title of the upcoming Benoit Blanc mystery: “Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery.” Fans of the series, which features Daniel Craig as the suave and enigmatic detective, can anticipate another thrilling instalment packed with twists, turns, and intricate puzzles.

Johnson’s announcement arrived alongside a tantalizing teaser video featuring Craig’s distinctive voiceover as Blanc, recounting the series’ previous escapades. The cryptic teaser hints at Blanc’s next endeavour, promising his “most dangerous case yet” as the Wake Up Dead Man title ominously appears. The absence of a comma in the title leaves room for speculation, inviting audiences to ponder its meaning and implications.

“Wake Up Dead Man” marks the third instalment in Johnson’s Knives Out series, following the success of the original film, which featured a star-studded cast led by Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The sequel, “Glass Onion,” introduced Blanc to a new ensemble of suspects, including Edward Norton and Kate Hudson, in a tale set against the backdrop of a Greek island getaway. As anticipation builds for the latest instalment, fans can anticipate another captivating mystery set in a fresh location with an array of intriguing characters.

While an exact release date has yet to be announced, the teaser confirms that “Wake Up Dead Man” is slated for a 2025 premiere. With its signature blend of suspense, wit, and unexpected twists, the film is sure to captivate audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats until the very end.


Political Impact:

The Knives Out series, with its exploration of wealth, privilege, and family dynamics, offers a subtle commentary on societal issues. By weaving these themes into gripping murder mysteries, the films engage audiences while prompting reflection on broader social and political realities.

Social Reflection:

The popularity of the Knives Out franchise reflects society’s enduring fascination with mysteries and detective stories. Through its diverse characters and intricate plots, the series provides a lens through which audiences can explore complex human relationships and motivations.

Psychological Aspect:

The enigmatic character of Benoit Blanc embodies the archetype of the brilliant detective, captivating audiences with his keen intellect and deductive prowess. The psychological tension inherent in solving each mystery adds depth to the storytelling, keeping viewers emotionally invested in the outcome.

Sociological Angle:

Knives Out’s portrayal of familial strife and societal divisions resonates with contemporary audiences, offering insights into class dynamics and interpersonal conflicts. By presenting characters from diverse backgrounds, the series sheds light on the complexities of human nature and societal expectations.

Fashion Culture:

While fashion may not be a central focus of the Knives Out series, the films’ stylish aesthetic and iconic costume design contribute to their visual appeal. From Blanc’s signature suits to the elegant attire of the ensemble cast, fashion plays a subtle yet significant role in shaping the characters’ identities and enhancing the overall cinematic experience.


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