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Baby Reindeer: A woman who claims to be real-life Martha sues Netflix for $170m

Fiona harvey accuses streaming giant of defamation, negligence, and emotional distress over hit series portrayal.

Miranda Derrick responds to allegations in Netflix’s ‘Dancing for the Devil’ Documentary

The Tiktok dancer addresses accusations of involvement in a Cult led by Robert Shinn and disputes claims made in the popular docuseries

Benedict Cumberbatch discusses the absurdity and depth of playing a monster in Netflix’s Eric

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals the challenges and emotional depths of portraying Vincent in Netflix's 1980s-set thriller, Eric

Rian Johnson confirms the title of next Knives Out film: “Wake Up Dead Man”

Daniel Craig returns as Benoit Blanc in the highly anticipated third instalment of the Knives Out series

‘Emily in Paris’ season 5 role auctioned at Cannes, but Netflix denies renewal

Confusion arises as Netflix denies greenlighting 'Emily in Paris' season 5 despite a €250,000 auction for a walk-on role at Cannes

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