Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Reincarnation revelations: Boy’s startling memories of Hollywood past-life



Oklahoma boy claims to be reincarnation of 1960s Hollywood agent, stuns with eerily detailed recollections

In a mind-bending tale that transcends time, Ryan Hammond, a young boy from Oklahoma, has made astonishing claims of being the reincarnation of Marty Martyn, a Hollywood actor and agent who passed away in 1964. Hammond, born in 2004, shocked the public with vivid memories of a glamorous past life in the 1940s and 1950s.

At the tender age of ten, Hammond shared his remarkable recollections, narrating experiences such as being punched by Marilyn Monroe’s bodyguard and vividly recalling the moments leading to his previous death, describing his heart ‘exploding’ and moving towards ‘the light.’ Identifying himself as Marty Martyn, a former movie extra turned Tinsel Town agent, Hammond’s claims were initially met with skepticism from his parents.

From the age of three, Hammond expressed a yearning to visit Los Angeles to ‘meet his other family’ and exhibited peculiar behaviors like calling ‘action’ in his sleep, reminiscent of a movie set. His persistent claims prompted his mother to seek answers, leading her to bring home a Hollywood book from the library. To everyone’s surprise, Hammond was able to identify actor George Raft in a picture, insisting he had worked with the star.

A documentary crew later introduced Hammond to Marty Martyn’s daughter when he was six. The young boy’s accurate recognition of places associated with the late actor left an indelible mark, supporting the authenticity of his claims. Despite the gradual fading of memories over time, Hammond still shares traits with Martyn, such as a love for New York City and Hollywood movies.

Child psychiatrist Dr. Jim Tucker, who has studied cases of past-life memories, supports Hammond’s claims, stating, “The cases I have examined don’t come under a normal explanation of how we perceive the world.” While the scientific community remains divided on the concept of reincarnation, Hammond’s extraordinary narrative adds another layer to the ongoing exploration of consciousness and the mysteries of human memory. Stay tuned as the boy’s journey into the past continues to captivate and perplex.


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