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SNL satirizes celebrity red carpet activism with ‘Teeny Tiny’ political pins

Amid heated political climates, 'Saturday Night Live' takes a jab at celebrities' subtle yet controversial red-carpet statements with a parody of minimalist activism

Colleen Hoover’s ‘Verity’ set for movie adaptation by Amazon MGM Studios

Following the anticipated release of 'It Ends With Us', Colleen Hoover’s thriller 'Verity' is next in line for adaptation

Michael Richards marks return to the red carpet, reunites with Jerry Seinfeld

At the LA premiere of "Unfrosted," Michael Richards rejoins Jerry Seinfeld, marking his first public appearance in eight years

Meghan Markle’s steep climb in Hollywood amidst cultural and industry challenges

Transitioning from royal duties to the cutthroat world of Hollywood, Meghan faces significant cultural adjustments and potential industry backlash

Sydney Sweeney’s team defends her against criticisms from producer Carol Baum

After disparaging remarks from producer Carol Baum, Sydney Sweeney representatives and colleagues rally to her defense, highlighting her talent and character

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