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Ryan Reynolds pens heartfelt tribute to Michael J. Fox as he receives TIME’s influential people honour

Michael J. Fox is celebrated by Ryan Reynolds in Time Magazine for his profound impact on culture and Parkinson's research

Josh Hartnett takes on chilling role as serial killer in M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Trap’

In a dramatic return to Hollywood, Josh Hartnett stars as a deceptive father in the heart-stopping thriller set at a pop concert

Irish teen star shines as villain in new Hollywood horror film

Alisha Weir captivates audiences with a spine-chilling performance in the thriller "Abigail," now playing in theatres

Clint Eastwood’s new look raises eyebrows at a public appearance

At 93, Clint Eastwood's recent outing has sparked fan concern over his changed appearance, as he attends Dr. Jane Goodall's speaking event

Robert Downey JR. Boosts confidence of Australian co-star in “The Sympathizer”

Veteran actor Robert Downey JR. Plays a key role in supporting Hoa Xuande, helping him navigate the pressures of a major Hollywood role

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