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Hollywood reincarnation: Oklahoma boy’s eerie memories spark claims of past life as tinsel town agent



Ten-year-old Ryan Hammond believes he’s the reincarnation of Hollywood figure Marty Martyn

A remarkable story unfolds as Ryan Hammond, a young boy from Oklahoma, asserts that he is the reincarnation of a Hollywood actor who passed away over six decades ago. Back in 2015, at the tender age of ten, Hammond began sharing vivid memories of a past life in Hollywood during the 1940s and 1950s.

Claiming to be Marty Martyn, a movie extra turned successful Tinsel Town agent, Hammond recalls detailed moments from his alleged former life. One particularly memorable incident involves an encounter with Marilyn Monroe’s bodyguard, where Hammond claims to have been punched. Even more astonishingly, he vividly describes the sensation of his heart ‘exploding’ and moving towards ‘the light,’ recounting the circumstances of his previous death.

Born in 2004, Hammond insists that he lived a life of luxury in New York, experienced four marriages, and enjoyed holidays in Paris, mirroring the life of Martyn Marty. The Hollywood figure passed away in 1964 at the age of 61 due to a brain hemorrhage.

Hammond began expressing his claims at the age of three, pleading with his mother to take him to Los Angeles to visit his ‘other family.’ He would even wake up in the middle of the night shouting ‘action,’ as if on a movie set. Initially skeptical, Hammond’s parents were swayed when, at six, he correctly identified actor George Raft in a picture from a Hollywood book.

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In an attempt to unravel the mysteries of Hammond’s past life, his mother obtained a book about Hollywood from the library. Astonishingly, when shown pictures, Hammond identified George Raft, claiming to have done a film with the star.

A documentary crew introduced Hammond to Marty Martyn’s daughter when he was six, and the young boy accurately identified places associated with the late actor during a tour of Los Angeles. Although Hammond’s memories of his alleged past life have faded over time, he still shares some traits with Marty Martyn, including a deep love for New York City and Hollywood movies.

Child psychiatrist Dr. Jim Tucker supports Hammond’s claims of reincarnation, stating, “The cases I have examined don’t come under a normal explanation of how we perceive the world.” While scientists have yet to prove or disprove the concept of reincarnation, stories like Hammond’s continue to fuel discussions on the mysteries of life.


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