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Dove Cameron and Avan Jogia cast in the prime video thriller ‘obsession’ with James Wan producing



Amazon’s new series ‘obsession,’ based on Catherine Ryan Howard’s novel, stars Cameron and Jogia in a gripping psychological thriller

Dove Cameron and Avan Jogia will headline Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming thriller 6 series “Obsession,” based on Catherine Ryan Howard’s novel “56 Days.” Amazon MGM Studios ordered the series late last year, promising an intense and captivating storyline.

The series follows Oliver, played by Jogia, and Ciara, portrayed by Cameron, who meet randomly in a supermarket and quickly fall for each other. Their whirlwind romance takes a dark turn, culminating in a murder investigation. Fifty-six days after their first encounter, homicide investigators find an unidentified, brutally murdered, and decomposed body in Oliver’s apartment. The series explores the mystery of the murder, intercutting between the present-day investigation and the twisted past of the young lovers’ affair.

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Lisa Zwerling and Karyn Usher wrote and executive produced the series. Renowned horror filmmaker James Wan joins as an executive producer, alongside Michael Clear and Rob Hackett from Atomic Monster. The production team also includes Amazon MGM Studios and Atomic Monster, with Howard serving as a co-executive producer.

Dove Cameron, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress and platinum recording artist, recently starred in the Apple TV+ musical-comedy series “Schmigadoon!” and Mel Brooks’ “History of the World: Part II.” Cameron gained fame with Disney’s “Descendants” franchise, with the first film’s soundtrack reaching #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Avan Jogia, set to star opposite Krysten Ritter in the AMC spinoff series “Orphan Black: Echoes,” brings a wealth of experience to “Obsession.” His notable credits include Netflix’s “Choose Love,” Sony’s “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City,” and “Zombieland: Double Tap.”

The collaboration of talents like Cameron and Jogia, paired with the creative prowess of James Wan and the original novel’s thrilling narrative, sets high expectations for “Obsession.” The series promises to be a unique crime story and a riveting psychological thriller.

“Obsession” aims to captivate audiences with its intense storyline and complex characters. The series blends elements of romance, mystery, and psychological tension, creating an engaging and unpredictable viewing experience. The novel “56 Days” provides a solid foundation, and the adaptation aims to bring its chilling narrative to life on screen.

James Wan’s involvement as an executive producer adds a layer of excitement and credibility. Known for his work on iconic horror franchises like “Saw” and “The Conjuring,” Wan’s expertise in creating suspenseful and gripping stories will undoubtedly enhance the series’ appeal.

With its strong cast and experienced production team, “Obsession” has the potential to become a standout series on Amazon Prime Video. Fans of psychological thrillers and crime dramas will likely find this new show intriguing and binge-worthy.

The addition of Dove Cameron and Avan Jogia brings star power and fresh talent to the project. Both actors have demonstrated versatility in their previous roles and are expected to deliver compelling performances in “Obsession.”

As the series delves into the dark and twisted romance between Oliver and Ciara, viewers can anticipate a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected twists. The show’s unique narrative structure, alternating between past and present, will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the truth behind the murder.

Overall, “Obsession” promises to be a must-watch series, combining elements of romance, mystery, and psychological intrigue. With James Wan’s expertise and the strong performances of Cameron and Jogia, the series is poised to captivate and entertain viewers when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video.


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