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Nio, Tesla’s competitor, achieves breakthrough with 1,000km range battery



Ceo William Li tests 150kwh battery in a 14-hour drive from Shanghai to Xiamen

In a significant development, Nio, often dubbed as Tesla’s Chinese counterpart, has achieved a breakthrough in battery technology, showcasing a 150kWh battery with a remarkable range of 1,044 kilometers (about 630 miles). The CEO of Nio, William Li, undertook a 14-hour live-streamed drive from Shanghai to Xiamen to demonstrate the capabilities of the new battery.

The journey, which covered a distance of over 1,000 kilometers, was completed with 3% battery power remaining, highlighting the efficiency and range of Nio’s battery technology. The drive took place in challenging weather conditions, with temperatures as low as minus 2 degrees during the nationwide cold wave.

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Li expressed his gratitude on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, emphasizing the impressive performance of the 150kWh battery in adverse conditions. He praised the battery’s energy density, safety features, and its compatibility with Nio’s battery swap system.

The Nio CEO announced plans to begin mass-producing the 150 kWh batteries in April 2024. While the breakthrough is promising, the affordability of such advanced batteries remains a crucial factor, and Nio aims to compete with Tesla in the competitive Chinese electric vehicle market.


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