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AI prompts boost writers’ creativity but lead to similar stories, study finds

Chatgpt-generated ideas enhance creativity for less inherently creative writers but reduce the diversity of unique ideas, posing a societal dilemma

Governments’ quantum computer export bans lack scientific basis

Despite the limited practical use of current quantum computers, several nations impose arbitrary export restrictions, countering scientific principles and potentially alerting adversaries

Apple’s Vision Pro headset launches in the UK on Friday

Apple's new mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, arrives in the UK at £3,499, promising immersive experiences but facing scepticism over widespread adoption

Microsoft withdraws observer seat on OpenAI board amid regulatory scrutiny

Tech giants adjust their roles in AI startups as regulators intensify scrutiny over big tech and artificial intelligence partnerships.

Google Maps introduces speedometer and speed limits for ios and CarPlay users

After a five-year wait, Google Maps finally brings speedometer and speed limit features to ios and CarPlay, enhancing navigation safety

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