Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

New year’s millionaire: Woman collapses on live TV after winning $1 million Powerball



Pamela Bradshaw’s spectacular start to 2024 on dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

In an extraordinary New Year’s Eve celebration, Pamela Bradshaw, a mom from North Carolina, became the first Powerball millionaire of 2024 during a live announcement on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. The event took place in New York City, marking Pamela’s first visit to the city, and the memorable moment was broadcasted on live television.

Pamela, along with four other finalists, eagerly awaited the draw as fifty balls, each numbered from one to five, were dropped into the machine. As Ryan Seacrest revealed the winning number, Pamela’s reaction was nothing short of stunning – she collapsed to the ground in disbelief. With the assistance of Seacrest and her daughter Joanna Hinson, she regained her composure, showcasing a mix of joy, surprise, and sheer gratitude.

Seacrest announced, “Pamela, you’re a millionaire!” prompting the heartwarming moment of Pamela’s emotional response. After the win, she expressed her feelings, stating, “I cried on the plane ride, and I cried at the Statue of Liberty. It’s just been so incredible.”

When asked about her plans for the winnings, Pamela shared her modest dreams, revealing a desire for a small, safe home. She emphasized the intention to keep it simple, possibly a cottage with one or two bedrooms. Additionally, Pamela expressed her plan to share a portion of the prize money with her daughter.

For Pamela, not only was this a life-changing win, but it also marked her first time visiting New York City and flying on an airplane. The heartwarming celebration on live TV resonated with viewers, making it a remarkable start to the new year.


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