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Netflix’s shocking move: ‘Best movie of all time’ cancelled before filming begins



Fans devastated as Robert Pattinson’s serial killer politician flick gets the axe

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In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Netflix has left fans fuming by axing what was touted as the ‘best movie of all time’ even before a single frame was shot. The anticipated film, ‘Average Height, Average Build,’ directed by Adam McKay, promised a gripping plot featuring Robert Pattinson as a serial killer turned politician advocating for laxer murder laws. However, the streaming giant abruptly pulled the plug, leaving movie enthusiasts in disbelief.

The shocking cancellation news first surfaced via a tweet from @CultureCrave, revealing the tantalizing premise of the film. In ‘Average Height, Average Build,’ Pattinson was set to portray a character pushing for murder-friendly legislation, while Robert Downey Jr. would take on the role of a retired cop relentlessly pursuing the elusive killer.

Social media erupted with disappointment as fans expressed their frustration over Netflix’s decision to scrap a potentially captivating project. One dismayed viewer tweeted, “Netflix casually cancelling what sounds like the best movie of all time,” emphasizing the allure of the intriguing plot and stellar cast.

Despite the outcry, some skeptics emerged, suggesting that the film might not have lived up to the hype. One Twitter user remarked, “Obviously, art is being killed by corporations, but I cannot stress enough how this would have been the worst film ever.”

Criticism wasn’t solely reserved for the cancelled movie; director Adam McKay, renowned for ‘Don’t Look Up,’ faced scrutiny as well. While the Netflix hit garnered praise, it also sparked controversy, with critics labeling its political stance as ‘apolitical’ and contributing to a ‘self-regarding media landscape.’

As disappointed fans grapple with the untimely demise of ‘Average Height, Average Build,’ speculation arises about other studios stepping in to salvage the promising concept. HBO, in particular, is being hailed as having the potential to turn this lost opportunity into something extraordinary.

Whether the cancellation proves a missed masterpiece or a dodged bullet, one thing is certain: the uproar surrounding ‘Average Height, Average Build’ reveals the passionate and opinionated nature of movie enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next big cinematic sensation.


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