Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Musk’s underground marvel: ‘Teslas only’ Vegas loop leaves onlookers amazed and baffled



Elon Musk’s futuristic Vegas tunnel for Teslas sparks amazement and controversy—is it the future of urban transportation?

Elon Musk’s brainchild, the ‘Vegas Loop,’ an underground tunnel system reserved exclusively for Teslas, has left onlookers both amazed and perplexed. For those in the know, the futuristic transportation network promises fast and convenient travel in the heart of Las Vegas, courtesy of The Boring Company.

Critics argue that the tunnels are “only slightly larger than the vehicles themselves,” raising concerns about claustrophobia. A TikTok video circulating the subterranean spectacle has drawn mixed reactions, depicting a Tesla effortlessly navigating through the glowing lights that change hues. Passengers, seeking refuge from traffic, share their disbelief at the futuristic journey, with one admitting, “We’ve lived here five years, and I’ve never been down here.”

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Presently connecting stops around the convention centre, The Boring Company envisions the Vegas Loop as a city-wide transportation service. The tunnel has faced scrutiny, with some users dubbing it an “extremely inefficient subway” and others confessing it induces “panic attacks.”

Despite the skepticism, The Boring Company defends the concept, describing Loop as an “express public transportation system resembling an underground highway more than a subway system.” By bypassing intermediate stations, Loop ensures direct travel to destinations, with vehicles reaching speeds of up to 150 mph, challenging the conventional subway’s limitations.

As the Vegas Loop continues to captivate and confound, Elon Musk’s vision of urban transport takes a bold step into the future, leaving us to wonder: is this the next chapter in city commuting?


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