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Miranda Derrick responds to allegations in Netflix’s ‘Dancing for the Devil’ Documentary



The Tiktok dancer addresses accusations of involvement in a Cult led by Robert Shinn and disputes claims made in the popular docuseries

Miranda Derrick, the TikTok dancer prominently featured in Netflix’s recent docuseries, “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” has broken her silence regarding the allegations made against her and 7M Films talent management company, owned by Robert Shinn.

In the documentary, Derrick’s family expressed concerns about her involvement with Shinn and the Shekinah Church, alleging that she was being manipulated and controlled. However, Derrick has now released a statement denying these claims, calling the documentary “a one-sided story.”

Addressing her supporters in a video shared on Instagram Stories, Derrick expressed gratitude for their support during this challenging time. While refraining from discussing specific allegations due to pending litigation, Derrick asserted that she does not condone abuse in any form.

Derrick also addressed specific incidents highlighted in the documentary, including her absence from her grandfather’s funeral, which was portrayed as evidence of 7M’s control over her. She explained that her decision not to attend was due to feeling harassed and threatened by her family, rather than any coercion from 7M.

Moreover, Derrick emphasized her autonomy and agency, stating that she is not a victim and is not being abused. She highlighted her faith in God and her freedom to pursue her beliefs and career choices.

Despite the allegations and controversy surrounding 7M Films and Robert Shinn, no criminal charges have been filed against Shinn at this time.

As the debate surrounding “Dancing for the Devil” continues, Derrick’s response offers her perspective on the situation, challenging the narrative presented in the documentary.


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