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Mass grave uncovered at Gaza Hospital, nearly 400 bodies found



Palestinian Civil Defense reports the grim discovery of 392 bodies in mass graves at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, Gaza

A distressing discovery at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, Gaza, has revealed a mass grave containing the remains of 392 individuals, announced the Palestinian Civil Defense. This revelation has intensified the scrutiny surrounding the recent conflicts in the region and sparked calls for an international investigation.

During a press conference, Mohammed Al Mighayyer, a representative from the Gaza Civil Defense, detailed the findings. The graves, discovered on the hospital premises, held bodies in various states, including some dressed in surgical attire, indicative of the chaos during the conflict. “We uncovered three separate mass graves across the hospital grounds, raising serious concerns about the events leading up to these burials,” explained Al Mighayyer.

The discovery included children’s bodies, some of whom were found in decomposed states, intensifying the tragic nature of the findings. The Civil Defense team has been working diligently to identify the deceased, having confirmed the identities of 165 individuals so far. The efforts to identify the remaining bodies continue as the community seeks closure for the families affected.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have denied any involvement in the creation of the mass graves, attributing the burial sites to actions taken by residents of Gaza prior to their operations. The IDF emphasized their operations in the area were targeted against Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, and conducted with precision to avoid civilian casualties.

This incident has drawn significant international attention, prompting calls from global entities like Amnesty International for thorough investigations. These organizations stress the importance of preserving the sites as potential crime scenes to gather forensic evidence crucial for understanding the full scope of the tragedy.

The IDF has also called for careful examination of the sites to ensure the accurate retrieval and identification of remains, particularly as part of their efforts to locate hostages previously reported missing in the area. 

As the international community watches closely, the United Nations has expressed its readiness to support an investigation, contingent upon access to the area, which requires coordination with multiple stakeholders, including Israel.


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