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Tag: Discovery

Mass grave uncovered at Gaza Hospital, nearly 400 bodies found

Palestinian Civil Defense reports the grim discovery of 392 bodies in mass graves at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, Gaza

Discovery of world’s oldest forest unveils prehistoric wonders

UK scientists uncover fossilized forest unlike any seen today, dating back over 358 million years

Mysterious ‘door’ discovered in Antarctica sparks wild theories

Google Maps users find a curious structure in the snow, igniting speculation and conspiracy theories online

Unveiling Joan Shakespeare: The forgotten sibling’s voice emerges

Digital archives shed light on William Shakespeare's sister, revealing a unique historical document

Unveiling the mysteries of ancient China: Scientists unearth ‘Chinese dragon’ from 240 million years ago

Fossils of aquatic creature resemble mythical beast, Dinocephalosaurus orientalis, found in Guizhou province

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