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Lazy mum’s shocking toilet revelation sparks social media outrage: “Wouldn’t dare use it”



US mother faces backlash after revealing weeks of neglect for toilet hygiene

In a shocking revelation on social media, a self-confessed lazy mum, Amanda, from the US, has sparked outrage by admitting to weeks of neglect in cleaning her toilet. The mother of two regularly shares cleaning videos on her TikTok account, aiming to normalize the challenges of household tasks.

Amanda’s latest video documented the deplorable state of her toilet, which hadn’t been cleaned for weeks. After replacing a broken toilet seat, she decided it was time for a thorough cleaning. The footage revealed a toilet reeking of urine, brown stains on the walls, and a visibly dirty floor.

Image by jannoon028 on Freepik

Equipped with gloves and paper towels, Amanda embarked on a cleaning mission, scrubbing away the stains and unveiling the grim reality of the neglected toilet area. The viral video garnered over 1 million views and 120k likes, but comments expressed horror at the unsanitary conditions.

Critics voiced their concerns, with one person expressing disbelief at the continuous dirtiness of Amanda’s house, while others vowed never to use her bathroom if invited. Some questioned the definition of “deep cleaning,” and others wondered how a toilet could reach such a deplorable state.

Despite the backlash, Amanda’s videos continue to attract attention as she candidly shares the challenges of keeping up with household chores.


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