Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Jane McDonald hits pause on Channel 5 shows to spark fan excitement anew



Check out the inside scoop on Jane McDonald’s break from her whirlwind Channel 5 travel escapades! The beloved 60-year-old TV presenter has been globe-trotting since 2017, enchanting fans with her travel shows. But hold onto your hats—Jane’s hitting pause on Channel 5 as she gears up for an enormous tour this year.

She’s swapping out the exotic holiday hotspots for a grand tour of theatres and arenas across the UK. In an exclusive with OK! Magazine, Jane spilled the beans: “I’ll be zipping around on the tour bus and staying put in the United Kingdom. It’s time for a breather from the travel shows. I want people to still get that buzz when they tune in. So, I reckon, ‘Let’s give it a rest for a bit now.'”

But fear not! Before her hiatus kicks in, catch her latest series, “The Canary Islands With Jane McDonald,” hitting screens this weekend. This adventurous escapade was filmed last year and promises island-hopping thrills galore.

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The premiere episode zooms into sunny Tenerife, where Jane fearlessly tackles a cable car ascent up Mount Teide. Across the hour-long spectacle, she jaunts through the old town of La Orotava, catches waves at Siam Park, and even sneaks in a swift day trip to La Gomera.

Age is just a number for Jane, who proudly declares, “I’m all about the laughter, and I don’t let age be the boss of my adrenaline-pumping adventures abroad. We often blame age for holding us back, but I’ve grabbed every chance I’ve had with both hands.”

Get ready to join the fun—mark your calendars for “The Canary Islands With Jane McDonald,” airing this Saturday at 9 pm on Channel 5!


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