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iPhone 15 users up in arms as edges begin ‘peeling’ just months after purchase



Design flaw sparks outrage among apple enthusiasts

The iPhone 15, touted as a groundbreaking upgrade, has found itself under the scrutiny of users who are expressing outrage over a peculiar issue – the edges of the device seemingly ‘peeling’ just months after purchase.

 Despite boasting a revolutionary design and a powerful camera system in the Pro Max model, the iPhone 15 has encountered a series of challenges since its launch. Complaints range from overheating problems and concerns about the durability of the titanium casing to ‘burn-in’ issues on the screen.

The latest gripe among users involves the back of the device exhibiting signs of ‘peeling.’ Some have questioned how a solid material can peel, prompting curiosity about the underlying cause. Reports suggest that the issue is related to the adhesive used to secure the back part of the phone.

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According to Apple Insider, the new adhesive allows for a simpler repair process if the back plate cracks. In contrast to previous designs, where the entire casing would require replacement, the new approach enables the replacement of only the back plate.

The ‘peeling’ problem may stem from manufacturing faults during the application of the adhesive. Users have taken to social media platforms, with one Reddit user, mr_rakue, expressing surprise at the adhesive’s existence, likening it to a sticker ready to peel off.

Another user, JDT33658, claimed that Apple had replaced their device due to the same issue. Allegedly, Apple employees mentioned that the adhesive was not correctly applied, leading to peeling along the edges.

For users facing this predicament, experts advise against attempting self-fixes. Instead, users are encouraged to document the issue and reach out to Apple customer service or visit an Apple Store for assistance.


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