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I’m a celebrity’s Tony Bellew predicted to earn £3 million with Sam Thompson bromance



Former boxer Tony Bellew’s friendship with Sam Thompson expected to translate into lucrative opportunities

Former boxer Tony Bellew, who secured the runner-up position on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, is anticipated to see a significant boost in his earnings, potentially reaching £3 million, thanks to his newfound bromance with winner Sam Thompson.

Jonathan Shalit OBE, chairman of InterTalent and agent to the UK’s biggest stars, hailed Tony as the “revelation” of this year’s I’m A Celebrity, predicting a surge in commercial opportunities. Shalit stated, “Tony Bellew is the revelation of this year’s I’m A Celebrity. Tony has become a national treasure with the world at his feet. Brands and commercial opportunities across the board will be lining up for Tony’s signature. I estimate he will earn three million pounds in the next 12 months and over 10 million pounds in the coming years.”

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Despite not being the most recognizable figure in the show, Tony managed to win over the nation with his authenticity. On Good Morning Britain, he shared that a friend encouraged him to join the show, emphasizing that people might not know him well. He expressed indifference about being known, stating, “I wasn’t that bothered, and I wasn’t sure if people were ever really gonna like me because the persona of me is just I’m a maniac who punches people in the face.”

The unexpected friendship and camaraderie between Tony and Sam Thompson became a highlight of the series, with viewers regularly commenting on Sam’s enthusiastic energy towards Tony. Shalit’s optimistic outlook on Tony’s financial prospects emphasizes the potential for post-reality-show success.

As the two friends enjoyed some leisure time outside the jungle, Tony shared a heartwarming moment on social media, jokingly referring to Sam as his “fifth child” during their day off.

The story showcases the enduring impact of reality shows on participants’ careers, emphasizing the potential for substantial financial gains and increased public recognition.


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