Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Heartfelt comeback: Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers’ emotional triumph over cancer



Fans touched as Myers opens up on chemo battle in BBC Christmas special

Hairy Bikers enthusiasts were moved to tears as Dave Myers, the beloved TV presenter, shared a poignant update on his ongoing battle with cancer. The 66-year-old, who has kept the specifics of his diagnosis private, provided an emotional insight into his chemotherapy treatment during a BBC Christmas special.

The heartwarming episode, which primarily focused on culinary delights, took an unexpected turn as previously unseen footage showcased Myers’ hospital journey. Viewers were captivated by the intimate scenes, providing a glimpse into the chef’s resilience amid his health struggles.

During the special, Myers, alongside his fellow Hairy Biker Si King, candidly discussed the challenges he faced after receiving the shocking diagnosis. Myers reflected, “When I first got the call, what went through my mind was disbelief, and a refusal to believe it in a way. It’s the word, isn’t it, the word that everybody fears.”

The telly favourite, known for keeping his health battle private, opened up about the physical toll of chemotherapy, saying, “I didn’t want to eat. I would fall over quite a lot. By the second lot of chemo, my hair came out really quite radically. Your hair, eyelashes, everything just goes.”

Myers chose not to disclose the specific type of cancer he is battling, emphasizing that it’s a personal matter. “I don’t want newspapers to run a lottery on how long I’ve got to live. That’s not what I want. I felt so guilty because of the effects it’s having on my wife Lil,” he added.

While the emotional scenes left fans in tears, there was a glimmer of joy as Myers revealed his triumphant return to his bike after completing his 37th round of chemotherapy. Si King expressed his elation, stating, “I knew I’d got my man back. It was like a miracle had happened, because it was something we thought he’d never do again. But he does it.”

Viewers, touched by the resilience and camaraderie on display, took to social media to share their sentiments. One viewer expressed, “What a celebration of life, what a beautiful testament to friendship.” Another commented, “So emotional, but so good to see Dave looking so well and back on his bike with Si.”

As the heartwarming episode unfolded, it became a testament to Myers’ determination and the strength of friendship. The emotional rollercoaster left fans eagerly anticipating further positive updates in the future.


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