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Heartbreaking Christmas crisis: Single mum and son face homelessness as landlord doubles rent



Perth mother’s desperate plea after unexpected rent hike leaves family struggling

In a devastating turn of events just days after Christmas, a single mother and her 11-year-old son in Perth, Australia, are on the brink of homelessness after their landlord more than doubled their rent without warning.

Jakki Brooking, a part-time nurse working diligently to make ends meet, is now confronted with the daunting reality of vacating their three-bedroom home due to an astronomical rent increase. The rent has surged from AU$300 a week to a staggering AU$630 a week, following the property’s change of ownership.

Initially covered under the National Rental Affordability Scheme, a government initiative ensuring affordable rent for low-income families, Jakki thought her living situation was secure. However, the recent change in ownership has stripped her of this protection, catapulting her into a dire situation.

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“It’s outrageous, really… People are going without things to afford rent,” Brooking expressed, highlighting the broader issue of housing affordability affecting many. She emphasized the plight of those living in cars, tents, or resorting to couch-surfing due to unaffordable housing.

Struggling to make ends meet with the exorbitant rent increase, Jakki faces the dilemma of allocating more than half of her income towards housing costs. This financial strain makes it challenging to cover essential expenses such as groceries and her son’s ADHD appointments.

With the property lease set to expire on New Year’s Day, Jakki’s attempts to secure alternative housing have proven futile. Seeking support from the real estate agent yielded an ultimatum: accept the new price or face potential legal action if she doesn’t vacate by the lease’s end.

In a desperate plea for help, Jakki turned to TikTok, sharing her heartbreaking situation. “I don’t have anywhere to live … I am being rejected for every single house I have applied for so far,” she expressed, laying bare the harsh reality of her predicament.

Attempting to garner government assistance, Jakki insists that those left unprotected by the Affordability scheme deserve urgent intervention. While currently residing on a friend’s couch within her constrained $580 per month budget, the uncertainty of the family’s future casts a shadow on their lives.

“It’s not as comfortable as having your own house,” Jakki lamented, underscoring the emotional toll of the impending homelessness crisis.


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