Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Australia’s best landlord keeps tenant’s rent under $200 a week for over 20 years



Retired farmer John Webb’s unprecedented act of kindness builds two-decade friendship

As the global housing crisis deepens, one Australian tenant enjoys a rare exception to the rising rent trend. Dubbed ‘Australia’s best landlord,’ 90-year-old retired farmer John Webb has maintained his tenant’s rent under $200 a week for more than two decades.

Carl Tilney, a 60-year-old retiree and former builder, rents John’s two-bedroom property in Mira Mar, Alban, for a mere $180 a week—a stark contrast to the town’s average rate of $350 per week. Despite typical rent increases, John has chosen to keep Carl’s rent unchanged out of genuine goodwill.

“In country communities, you look after each other… it’s a part of me,” John expressed in an interview with ABC. “Why shouldn’t we help each other? We shouldn’t have to live in cars and out in the streets.”

The heartwarming relationship between John and Carl has evolved into a deep friendship over the course of Carl’s tenancy. Their bond is evident not only in John’s decision to keep the rent affordable but also in their joint efforts to maintain the property.

Despite his back injury from his building days, Carl has been able to make ends meet thanks to John’s kindness. Living off a disability support pension, Carl acknowledges that he would likely be living in his car if not for John’s exceptional generosity.

“I couldn’t have done it without John,” Carl expressed. “Otherwise, I would be living in my car. There’s no way I could afford anything else that’s around.”

As a testament to their friendship, whenever there’s a need for repairs or maintenance at the property, John and Carl tackle it together.

The 90-year-old farmer’s remarkable act of kindness has led Carl to proclaim John as ‘up there’ among Australia’s best landlords. In a country where rental prices have been steadily increasing, John’s unwavering support for his tenant stands out as a shining example of community spirit and compassion.

“I have had a couple of good landlords, but I’ve never had anybody like John,” Carl reflected, highlighting the extraordinary bond that has developed between the two men.

In an era marked by escalating housing costs, John’s exceptional kindness serves as a heartening reminder that community and compassion can defy the prevailing trends. Their enduring friendship and John’s selfless gesture make this landlord-tenant story a beacon of warmth amid challenging times.


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