Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Exclusive scoop: 10 top perks worth £40k for PIP recipients – freebies, discounts, and more!



Get ready for some exclusive insights into the world of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – the benefits are just the beginning! Sure, millions claim PIP to cover long-term health costs, but did you know about the plethora of added perks and discounts that come with it? Hold onto your hats, folks!

First things first, PIP is up for grabs if you’re 16 or older but not yet reached the ripe age for a state pension, currently set at 66. It’s a weekly sum, typically up to a handsome £170, making it worth your while to explore.

Now, PIP comes in two flavours, tailored to your needs: the daily living portion handles expenses related to food prep, bathing, and more, ranging from £68.10 to £101.75 weekly. Stack both elements and you’ve got a potential £172.15 lining your pockets. Then there’s the mobility portion, worth either £26.90 or £71, assisting those needing help getting around.

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Exciting news alert! PIP payouts are set for a boost, climbing by 6.7% in April, pegged to the consumer price index for September 2023. Brace yourselves; the maximum payout could surge to over £180 within months.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s talk about the extra perks you can snag with your PIP.

Council tax discounts? Check! Depending on your PIP amount and location, you might snag a nifty reduction. Contact your local council armed with your PIP letter to score this deal.

Eyeing those blue badges for prime parking spots? Your PIP award letter could be your golden ticket. Reach out to your council, though some might charge a token fee.

Here’s a bonus round: If you’re on PIP and already receiving other benefits like Housing Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance, you might just unlock a top-up. Contact the relevant department to explore this hidden treasure.

Vehicle tax exemption, anyone? Depending on your PIP status, you could score a complete exemption or a 50% reduction. Apply online or swing by your local Post Office branch for details.

Prescriptions on your mind? With PIP and a qualifying disability, you might snag free NHS prescriptions. Grab a medical exemption certificate (MedEx) from your GP to dive into this perk.

Looking to modify your living space for disability needs? Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant through your local council and get financial support for necessary changes.

All aboard the savings train! A disabled person’s railcard could slice a third off your rail fares. Apply online for this nifty discount.

Tackling water bills? The WaterSure scheme might cap your payments if you’re eligible. Apply through your water supplier for this potential cost-saving lifeline.

Thinking of leasing a car? Your PIP allowance might pave the way through the Motability Scheme. Check eligibility and browse the car fleet online.

From discounted days out to memberships, there’s a world of savings waiting for PIP recipients. Cinemas, galleries, transport – keep your eyes peeled for those discounts.

Eager to dive into the PIP pool? You can start by contacting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) via phone or explore alternative claiming options on the gov.uk website.

When claiming, gather your details and brace yourself for a form. Then, it’s assessment time or a chat with your health or social care worker. Soon after, expect a letter with the verdict on your claim.

Now that you’re in the know, dive into the world of PIP perks and unleash a cascade of benefits! Want more details? Head to the Government’s website for the full scoop.


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