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Emmerdale’s Jay Kontzle sheds light on Billy and Manpreet’s storyline, rules out affair



Emmerdale’s Billy Fletcher remains steadfast in his commitment to dawn, despite a surprising kiss from Manpreet Sharma

In a recent development on ITV’s popular soap “Emmerdale,” actor Jay Kontzle, who plays Billy Fletcher, has effectively dismissed the possibility of an affair between his character and Manpreet Sharma, played by Rebecca Sarker. The storyline, which has sparked intrigue among fans, explores a complex dynamic between the two characters following a series of personal training sessions that lead to unexpected emotions.

The drama intensifies next week when a tipsy Manpreet impulsively kisses Billy after a night out with friends at The Woolpack. Despite the sudden development, Billy immediately rebuffs her advances, reinforcing his loyalty to his partner, Dawn. The situation, however, is set to cause tension as Charles, Manpreet’s partner, learns of the incident.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Kontzle highlighted Billy’s strong relationship with Dawn, suggesting that their bond is robust enough to withstand such challenges. He noted, “It’s one of those things where in the back of your mind you’re like ‘God, why have you done that?’ But at the same time, I think that Billy and Dawn are that strong that nothing can really fracture their relationship.”

This isn’t the first time Billy has faced similar circumstances; he previously navigated a tricky situation with Gabby Thomas, who also made advances towards him. Each time, Billy has proven his dedication to Dawn by establishing clear boundaries.

The actor emphasized Billy’s commitment to family and his relationship, stating, “He loves Dawn, he loves his family. From day one, Billy’s very much focused around family… I don’t think that any outside influence is going to fracture the relationship, it would be something internal.”

Adding to the emotional rollercoaster for Billy and Dawn, next week will see the couple face another significant challenge as their baby son Evan is diagnosed with leukaemia, marking the beginning of a poignant storyline


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