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Sunday June 23, 2024
Sunday June 23, 2024

‘Emily in Paris’ season 5 role auctioned at Cannes, but Netflix denies renewal



Confusion arises as Netflix denies greenlighting ‘Emily in Paris’ season 5 despite a €250,000 auction for a walk-on role at Cannes

The future of “Emily in Paris” remains uncertain as Netflix denies the renewal of a fifth season despite recent developments at the Cannes Film Festival. During the amfAR Gala, which raises funds for HIV and AIDS research, Winnie Harlow and Paris Jackson auctioned off a walk-on role in an unannounced fifth season of the popular Netflix series. The winning bid reached €250,000, which also included an invitation to the Season 4 premiere in Los Angeles. However, Netflix has not officially confirmed a renewal.

The gala event featured Harlow and Jackson revealing that the fifth season of “Emily in Paris” would start filming in mid-2025. Yet, an insider clarified that Netflix has not greenlit the new season. The auction details on the official amfAR website initially indicated a confirmed fifth season. After the gala, the site updated the description to clarify that the walk-on role is “contingent upon season 5 pickup.”

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The original auction booklet language, which lacked the contingent aspect, suggested that the fifth season was already in the planning stages. This discrepancy has led to confusion among fans and bidders. Representatives for Darren Star, the creator of “Emily in Paris,” have not commented on the situation.

The incident unfolded ahead of the much-anticipated Season 4 premiere of “Emily in Paris,” which will debut in two parts due to production delays caused by the dual writers’ and actors’ strikes in 2023. The first part of Season 4 will premiere on August 15, followed by the second part on September 12.

The upcoming season starts with Emily, played by Lily Collins, dealing with the aftermath of Camille and Gabriel’s ill-fated wedding. Emily grapples with her feelings for two men, while Gabriel prepares for fatherhood with his ex. This dramatic setup promises to engage viewers with new twists and turns.

The cast for Season 4 includes Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, and William Abadie. Darren Star continues to serve as the executive producer alongside Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, Andrew Fleming, Alison Brown, and Robin Schiff. Co-executive producers include Stephen Brown, Grant Sloss, and Joe Murphy, with Collins, Ryan McCormick, Raphaël Benoliel, and Jake Fuller as producers. MTV Entertainment Studios, Darren Star Productions, and Jax Media produce the series.


The confusion surrounding the fifth season of “Emily in Paris” highlights several critical issues within the entertainment industry, including communication breakdowns and the complex nature of production planning. From a media perspective, this incident reflects the challenges faced by streaming platforms and production companies in managing public expectations and maintaining transparency.

The discrepancy between the auction details and Netflix’s official stance raises questions about the coordination between different stakeholders. The auction, conducted at a high-profile charity event, implied an assurance of the fifth season, which influenced the substantial bid. This situation underscores the importance of clear and consistent communication from all parties involved.

Economically, the auction’s outcome reflects the significant financial impact and fan engagement associated with popular series like “Emily in Paris.” The high bid of €250,000 for a walk-on role demonstrates the show’s considerable cultural influence and marketability. However, this also places a spotlight on the ethical responsibilities of production companies in managing fan expectations and charitable commitments.

Sociologically, the involvement of high-profile celebrities like Winnie Harlow and Paris Jackson in the auction showcases the intersection of entertainment and philanthropy. Their participation not only elevated the event’s profile but also highlighted the power of celebrity endorsements in driving charitable contributions. However, the subsequent confusion may affect the credibility of such initiatives and the perceived integrity of the involved celebrities.

From a production standpoint, the incident reflects the complexities of planning and scheduling in the entertainment industry, especially in the aftermath of disruptions like the 2023 strikes. The delay and uncertainty regarding the fifth season illustrate the broader challenges faced by the industry in adapting to unforeseen circumstances and maintaining continuity in popular series.

The potential renewal of “Emily in Paris” also brings to light the ongoing debates around content longevity and audience fatigue. While the series has garnered a substantial fan base, the question remains whether extending the storyline will continue to captivate viewers or lead to diminishing returns. This balance between creative storytelling and commercial success is a persistent challenge for content creators.

In conclusion, the confusion surrounding “Emily in Paris” Season 5 underscores the multifaceted nature of entertainment production, encompassing communication, economic impact, and ethical considerations. As the situation unfolds, it will be crucial for Netflix and the production team to address these issues transparently and responsibly, ensuring clarity for fans and stakeholders alike.


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