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EastEnders explosive Christmas murder episode won’t hit iPlayer early—but here’s what’s coming



Eastenders Christmas episode: BBC holds out on early release, fans await the six reveal live

Christmas has always been a soap fan’s treat, with fresh episodes usually hitting BBC iPlayer bright and early at 6 am. But alas, EastEnders’ holiday special won’t grace screens early this year. The BBC has set its sights on keeping the reveal of The Six storyline under wraps until the prime-time 9:45 pm airing on Christmas Day.

It’s a strategic move by the soap’s higher-ups, ensuring everyone experiences the gripping truth behind The Six simultaneously. So, for once, fans are compelled to be patient and tune in live for the hour-long special on BBC One.

But fret not! The drama won’t keep you hanging for long. Boxing Day brings the aftermath, dropping early on BBC iPlayer, so within twelve hours, more Walford mayhem will unfold.

EastEnders devotees have been on edge for months, especially during December’s dedicated episodes, each focusing on a different member of The Six. Linda, Stacey, Kathy, Sharon, Denise, or Suki—someone’s about to bring down an unfortunate soul.

Speculation’s at an all-time high, with various names in the mix for a potential tragic fate. The latest twist hints at Nish Panesar’s demise at the hands of a joint effort from Suki and Stacey, triggered by a revelation about Nish’s knowledge of Suki’s clandestine affair.

Fans are buzzing with theories, predicting a chilling end for Nish as the drama intensifies. The recent revelation has tongues wagging and fingers tapping across social media platforms.

But, hold tight! EastEnders has a knack for keeping audiences guessing, and this cufflinks twist—almost everyone owning a pair similar to the ones found on the deceased—has left fans both bewildered and yearning for more. The excitement is palpable as the soap promises a Christmas to remember!


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