Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Concrete chaos: Builder takes extreme measures after payment dispute with homeowner



Australian tradesman smashes driveway to pieces in protest, leaving homeowner in dismay

A seemingly routine driveway project in Logan, Queensland, turned into a concrete catastrophe when a tradesman and his team took drastic action after a payment dispute with the homeowner. Jesse Crowe and his crew had agreed on a $6,000 AUD fee for the job, but when the homeowner allegedly refused to pay the remaining $3,500 AUD, a video emerged showing the tradesman and his co-worker smashing the freshly-laid driveway with a pick-axe.

The homeowner, known as Viola, claimed she had been threatened by the builders, stating that they said, “‘you pay now, now or we will smash the concrete.'” Viola expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the work and a disagreement over rubbish removal. Despite paying $2,500 AUD initially, she refused to pay the remainder, alleging that the workers “did what they wanted, not what I wanted.”

destroyed house
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In response, Jesse Crowe posted a video online, showcasing the destruction and stating, “what happens when you don’t pay for works carried out at your place.” The footage captures the tradesman swinging a pick-axe, creating holes and dents along the driveway. The person behind the camera emphasizes the consequences of non-payment, noting it would cost more to rectify the damage.

Crowe, a small business owner in the trade industry, expressed frustration at being “ripped off” and claimed he had been doing the right thing by people. He admitted he didn’t enjoy destroying his work, stating, “I take pride in my work and I love concrete, I love doing it.” The family living at the home plans to fix the damaged driveway themselves.

The dispute, which unfolded late last year, continues to generate attention after the video surfaced online, leaving both parties standing firm in their positions.


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