Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Below deck reality show doctor arrested: Accused of identity theft for illicit drug scheme



Bravo TV’s below deck takes shocking turn as cast member faces arrest over alleged prescription drug identity theft

Dr. Francis Martinis, a prominent urologist and participant in the popular reality TV series Below Deck, is facing arrest and serious allegations of identity theft. According to law enforcement officials, the doctor and his wife, Jessica, engaged in an illicit scheme to obtain prescription drugs, raising concerns about the abuse of their celebrity status.

The accusations involve the couple’s alleged use of personal information from fellow Below Deck cast members to forge prescriptions for oxycodone. The scheme reportedly came to light earlier this year when Jessica attempted to fill a suspicious oxycodone prescription at a pharmacy in Kings Park, leading to a pharmacist alerting the authorities.

Subsequent investigations revealed that Dr. Martinis had purportedly sent numerous fake prescriptions for oxycodone to Suffolk County pharmacies over a two-year period, using the names of two TV series cast members. The prescriptions were allegedly picked up by Jessica, who paid in cash as part of the elaborate plan.

The couple, arrested in May, faces charges of eight counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and falsifying business records. The seriousness of the charges is underscored by New York Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni, who emphasized the potential abuse of celebrity status for criminal activities.

“If proven, he abused the celebrity position that he had on that ship to take the identities of his crew members and then use that to buy drugs,” said Balboni, highlighting the alleged misuse of personal information by the couple.

The accused duo denies the charges, with their attorney, Peter A. Crusco, asserting that the evidence will reveal the charges as unsubstantiated. The court proceedings, scheduled for today (14 December), are expected to shed more light on the unfolding legal drama surrounding the reality TV personalities.


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