Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Woman surprised with ‘hospital potato’ as Christmas bonus sparks viral reaction



Employee’s unusual Christmas bonus raises eyebrows and laughter online

A woman named Amanda shared her unusual Christmas bonus on social media, igniting both sympathy and laughter among online users. In a tweet posted on December 12, Amanda revealed that her workplace was gifting a potato bar as their Christmas bonus.

Expressing her disbelief, Amanda wrote, “I’m literally getting a hospital [cafeteria] potato as a bonus. They also said it has a $15 value, so it will be taxed on our next check.” She humorously added, “Does anyone need an assistant so I can just quit right now?” and concluded with a reference to her “Charlie Brown villain origin story.”

The tweet quickly went viral, accumulating nearly three million views. Amanda continued to share the amusing side of her predicament, asking if she should bring stacks of Tupperware to maximize her potato bonus.

Image by awesomecontent on Freepik

Many social media users empathized with Amanda’s unusual Christmas gift, while others found humor in the situation. Some shared their own quirky workplace holiday bonuses, ranging from cheap license plate frames to paid lunches that employees had to cover themselves.

Amanda’s tweet provided a lighthearted moment in the holiday season, resonating with individuals who have experienced similarly unconventional workplace gestures. The post sparked a wave of responses, showcasing the diverse experiences people have had with corporate holiday gifts.


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