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Whitney’s shocking news in EastEnders: A pregnancy twist unveiled



EastEnders bombshell: Whitney’s pregnancy and heartbreak over Ashton

Prepare for drama as Whitney Dean faces a startling revelation in the midst of fostering woes. EastEnders‘ Christmas and New Year spoilers spill the beans: Whitney, grappling with fostering struggles alongside Zack, receives unexpected news—she’s pregnant again.

The tension between Whitney and Zack amplifies as they attempt to connect with foster child Ashton. While Ashton’s distress keeps Whitney on her toes, Zack grapples with bonding issues. Their emotional rollercoaster hits a low when they bid farewell to Ashton, leaving them devastated.

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Amidst this turmoil, Whitney’s world is rocked once more as a positive pregnancy test flips her reality upside down. With the recent loss of baby Peach still haunting them, the shock of this revelation hits hard.

As Zack and Whitney grapple with the news, a social worker’s untimely arrival adds to their turmoil. Whitney seeks solace in Sonia, but the brewing storm doesn’t dissipate.

A chance encounter at the allotment brings unexpected counsel from Yolande, a foster parent sharing her own experiences. Emotions run high as Whitney confronts her inner turmoil, leading to a pivotal decision that could alter the course of her life.

EastEnders fans brace yourselves for the intense twists and turns as Whitney navigates the complexities of fostering, loss, and an unexpected pregnancy. The gripping storyline promises emotional upheaval and a life-altering choice that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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