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Vladimir Putin begins fifth presidential term; Steven Seagal among famous faces at inauguration



Vladimir Putin’s inauguration in Moscow attracted celebrities like Steven Seagal and other dignitaries, marking the start of his fifth term

Vladimir Putin embarked on his fifth term as Russia’s president with a grand inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The event attracted celebrities and dignitaries, including American actor and Putin ally Steven Seagal, and the leader of a biker gang.

Putin swore his presidential oath by placing his hand on the Russian Constitution, pledging to protect the nation and its citizens. He promised that Russia, under his leadership, would remain united, face challenges, and realize its plans.

The ceremony took place in the ornate Grand Kremlin Palace, surrounded by golden decorations and watched by a select group of high-profile guests. Putin declared, “We are a united and great people and together we will overcome all obstacles, realize all our plans, together we will win.”

Among the notable attendees, Seagal was prominently spotted in the audience, reaffirming his support for Putin. The actor, known for action films like *Under Siege* and *On Deadly Ground*, gained Russian citizenship in 2016 and has since advocated for closer ties between Russia and the U.S.

The Kremlin event showcased Putin’s popularity among his inner circle and public figures while drawing attention to his potential to surpass Joseph Stalin as Russia’s longest-serving leader since Catherine the Great. The opposition to Putin’s leadership remained muted amid a ceremony projecting power and unity.

The fifth term, expected to last six years, poses significant challenges for Putin. Domestically, he faces economic difficulties and a need to balance an increasingly controlled political landscape. On the global stage, Russia remains isolated due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and international sanctions.

Despite these challenges, Putin continues to hold a firm grip on power, supported by high-profile allies and a carefully managed state apparatus. His inauguration also hints at Russia’s desire to remain assertive globally and domestically, while maintaining its cultural and historical identity.


Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president again reinforces the consolidation of his leadership in Russia. Politically, he signals his dominance over rivals through this carefully orchestrated event. Despite challenges, such as international sanctions and opposition pressure, he leverages his network of allies and loyalists to maintain authority.

Economically, Russia remains strained under sanctions and inflation, but Putin aims to rally the economy by reinforcing ties with non-Western allies. Additionally, his promises to bolster Russia’s economic strength at the ceremony underline his commitment to self-reliance amid Western isolation.

Sociologically, Putin’s fifth term reflects the cultivated image of a strongman leader among his supporters. His continued emphasis on Russian patriotism, traditional values, and global standing appeals to his core audience. Figures like Steven Seagal, present at the inauguration, represent Putin’s ability to attract loyalty beyond borders, symbolizing international support for his policies.

Moreover, Putin’s leadership reveals gender implications, as Russian politics remain predominantly male-dominated. His regime ensures loyalty by maintaining traditional values and supporting conservative ideals that resonate with many.

From a geopolitical perspective, Putin’s presidency continues to challenge Western influence. Russia’s alliance with authoritarian regimes and partnerships with actors like Seagal highlight a broader strategy of countering perceived Western dominance and cultivating allies for strategic gains.


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