Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Viewers fume as Richard Madeley’s on-air comment to Laura Tobin sparks outrage on Good Morning Britain



Laura Tobin experienced an unexpected moment during the latest Good Morning Britain episode when Richard Madeley, known for his candidness, made a comment about her weight, leaving her taken aback. The duo, back on screen after the festive break, had an awkward reunion that caught viewers’ attention.

In a scene reminiscent of Alan Partridge’s straightforwardness, the seasoned broadcaster Richard casually remarked to Laura about her weight, quipping, “You’ve put on a lot of weight with the lack of exercise, haven’t you?… joke.” This left Laura laughing nervously while Susanna Reid jumped in, lightening the mood by mentioning her own indulgences during the holiday period.

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Laura, handling it with humour, admitted to potentially having a few too many mince pies and teased Richard back, saying, “I’m just going to take a long waddle across the studio later, Richard.”

However, viewers didn’t miss the exchange, criticising Richard’s lack of tact and finding his comments rude. One viewer expressed on social media, “Madeley/Partridge trying his best to upset Laura today.” Another labelled him as “bonkers” and insensitive for his comments.

Despite the on-air exchange, Laura seemed unfazed, appearing stunning in a fitted green dress, which she proudly showcased on her social media after the show. Her New Year’s celebrations involved champagne and a delightful lunch on New Year’s Day, which she shared with her followers on Instagram.

While Richard isn’t as active on social media, his daughter Chloe shared glimpses of their Christmas at The Ritz, where they were joined by James Haskell. Chloe’s daughter, Bodhi, had an adorable moment meeting Santa in the hotel’s restaurant, marking a heartwarming family reunion amidst the holiday season.


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